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"This fifties-inspired boutique has undergone several reincarnations through the years first as a local hangout for enfants terribles like Lou Reed and Debbie Harry in the seventies, then as a destination for full-on rocker-chic ensembles on St. Marks in the eighties. Now settled into a slim space on Second Avenue, Enzs has reinvented itself once again as an outfitter of modern-day pinups and rockabillies. The shop is known for its weekly shuffle of nipped-waist dresses, most designed by owner Mariann Marlowe. The selection includes full-skirted dresses in bright prints, retro, patterned aprons, burlesque bathing suits, and unusual accessories like Dia de Los Muertos cocktail rings and charm bracelets. Punk nuances like skull-stamped T-shirts and handbags hint at the shops angsty past, but the aesthetic also surfaces in softer standouts, like the macabre line of faded, rose-embellished jewelry by Tarina Tarantino. And for those looking to accessorize beyond the wall of sharp clutches and leather Tano bags, button-down greaser shirts and black cotton tees are on hand for the men buying you a beer (or a milkshake) later."

Genevieve Leon


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East Village
125 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

(212) 228-1943

(917) 841-5989



Park Slope

171 5th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 230-0805

Nearest Transit:

East Village:
Astor Place (6)
8th St-Broadway (R, W)
3rd Ave-14th St (L)

Park Slope:

Union St (D, N, R)
Bergen St (2, 3, 4)
7 Av (B, Q)


East Village
Mon-Sat 12 pm - 8 pm

Sun 1 pm - 7pm

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Customer Review's

"When my husband and I first began hanging out, we were taking a walk, and I stopped dead in my tracks in front of Enz's. I sasid, "That dress is amazing!" My future mister pointed to an awesome, sailor-inspired Bettie Page number, and I nodded in agreement. I tried on the dress; he blushed. I had never felt so gorgeous in all my life! I bought it. That very night he kissed me for the first time. The rest, friends, is history.

I love Enz's, in large part because I love vintage clothes, but find it way too time-consuming to find things that fit exactly right and are comfortable. The vintage-inspired duds at Enz's are in a variety of sizes, and most of them have a little bit of comfy stretch built in.

The store's owner, Mariann, offers a perfectly curated selection of Stop Staring, Bettie Page, Trashy Diva, and other lines, alongside lovely bags and jewelry. Though it may be possible to find better prices for these dresses online, I'll pay the small premium for the ability to try stuff on, and support a fantastic local shopkeeper. She has, countless times, helped me find the right size... and helped my husband pick great gifts for me (including a fabulous Lux De Ville bag, and a Classic Hardware necklace).

This is, without a doubt, my favorite clothing store in NYC."

- Elizabeth Grey

March 12th, 2011

"I LOVE this store! It's been in the neighborhood a really long time, and has always been one of the coolest stores around. I remember coming to this store many years ago, and I felt welcome right away. I always find something I love. Tons of stylists shop here, and I can see why, it's got such a great vibe, and a great look.  It's hard to walk by the mannequins outside, without wanting to go in right away (I live near by, so it's dangerous, walking by there, I always want something!).

I really like supporting local businesses, I like small stores and hate big, impersonal stores. I like when you can talk to the owner or the salespeople, and they are always really fun and nice in here.  Great music playing, lots of designs I have never seen anywhere else, it is fun. NYC is about the small, specialized shops, and Enz makes you feel like you are really in a special place.  
The owner always finds the coolest dresses and accessories, she's got an amazing eye, and these dresses are for all body types.

The style is rockabilly, but there's a lot of different types of looks. I have bought trendy/modern/cute dresses here, and also have bought some cool retro/vintage looking dresses. I feel like a pin-up, every time I buy something here.  
So many of the shops in this neighborhood now cater to the size-0 crowd, who all want the same thing. That's not for me.  I like that Enz always has something that you can't find anywhere else.  
It's fun to go in there, the owner is a blast, and she really knows about fashion history and style.  And the salesgirls are sweethearts.

OMG, and I didn't even talk about the jewelry and handbags!!!  I just got a couple of fantastic bracelets there.  Cute hair accessories, too!
The owner will also try to order things in another size for you, if they don't have it.  If you fall in love with something, they understand that feeling, and they try to work with you.  Go there, and channel your inner pin-up girl!"

- Lori G.

June 8th, 2010




Come in and visit our brick and mortar store to listen to some cool music while you're shopping! We're always swinging to the sounds of The Bachelor Pad.

Classic rock n' roll at our first store on Grove Steet in 1972.